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Billedivoire roulette

billedivoire roulette

At the end of this page is hotel casino des palmiers à hyères a link to download a zipped Excel-file with this record sheet!
The next five columns are for counting of the come numbers.
Download record sheet casino jeux autour de paris as zip-file (4 KB) 2000.If it does not appear in the next 37/38 spins, the attack on that number is discontinued.These ideas might be useful for your own investigations if you are interested in straight up bets.We now bet 1 unit on every spin until we have a hit within the next 37/38 spins.The session is terminated after the hit on # 22 with a positive balance of 109 units.In order not to exceed this number, we give up the number that appeared first and add the newest - the seventh in this case - to the remaining five.The right columns headed 1R, 2R etc.Fortunately most of the modern roulette tables have boards that show the spin run for the last 20 to 25 spins.We think both ideas are worth looking into.Each number, which appeared three times in 37/38 spins must be pursued immediately after its third appearance over the next 37/38 spins, because we expect its fourth or still higher appearance.The red cells are repeats outside of a rotation, so they are unusable.One by Marigny de Grilleau, the other one by Billedivoire.So we use this spin history.The next number to appear 3 times is the 13 (also marked blue).
It is essential to keep a good record of the spins.