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Evil within 2 pre order bonus

Knife Nut : His sole weapon is a knife.
Technically Living Zombie : Lickers are an "evolved" form of the jackpot city make account Crimson Head, and considering that part of a Crimson Heads mutation involves their internal organs resuming function and their bodies repairing a the worst of the damage caused by necrosis, it can be said.
The main enemy of 2, having become a monster simply labeled as "G" after injecting his virus into his own system to keep it out of the hands of the Umbrella Security Service and to save his own life.Like Chris, he takes the loss of a swat team under his command pretty hard in Resident Evil : Vendetta, and starts hitting the bottle to cope with both the grief and his growing frustration with spending almost half his life fighting bioterrorism with.The chaotic open world of rage 2 is out to get you, so youll just have to get it first.Cassandra Truth : In Code Veronica, Alfred accuses Claire of sending "her people" to attack Rockford Island, even though she insists that she had nothing to do with.In 6, she anticipates that Simmons will come back for more and leaves behind a rocket launcher for Leon and Helena to finish him off.Action Survivor : Of all the main characters, she's the only one without any actual military or paramilitary casino auto wreckers training.The 2019 remake seems to combine these two characterizations, as she's shown to be protective of her husband's work, yet determined to stop William from escaping to the outside world.Just Following Orders : Despite his empathetic side towards his teammates, he is an otherwise emotionless Umbrella agent.Did Not Think This Through : In the remake, his first boss fight has him begging for help, even as his G-mutations try and force him to kill the player.Over on Amazon today, a new T-shirt containing a teaser poster for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was made available for sale.Matthew Mercer explained it in an interview as "Even if a situation seems very dangerous and stupid and a total trap, if theres a woman who needs help he cant turn that down.Jake gets to save her at least once a chapter, and Leon gets a few moments of brotherly protectiveness when they meet, but even Ada gets in on the action twice.Stealth Expert : As a professional spy and industrial saboteur, Ada excels at slipping around unnoticed.And Code Veronica shares some of her hobbies when she talks to Steve, She likes to dance and likes dance music, thinks that politics are boring, her favorite food is cheeseburgers.He gets shot to pieces on numerous occasions and in the remake even reduced to Ludicrous Gibs after his fight with Claire on the train, and yet comes back for more.More than once, when we found Leon's tiny pockets full at precisely the point where we needed to grab a vital object, we intentionally wasted a first aid spray in order to avoid running all the way back to one of the game's item storage.
Adding another karma is in Katherine Warren's Ghost Survivors campaign, where he gets killed by Katherine herself after trying to kill her.
One Woman Army : She most certainly raised hell in the beginning of Code: Veronica.

Adorkable : In the 2019 remake, she and Leon act like awkward hormonal teenagers around each other, even though the Zombie Apocalypse is erupting around them.
Admittedly, he does work for the government, making it justified to an extent.