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La Havana - - Starts with a two handed enchufla with check, then repeat.
The follow then ducks back under the arms and is lead around back behind the lead into an enchufla.
Setenta Moderno - - Start like setenta, but lead the follower around behind and the lead steps in front with left hand.
Conqueta con Meloa (sp?) - starts with Setenta complicado and when the lead rotates to the right, place the left hand on the lead's left shoulder.Then undo and turn the other partner on your left again counter-clockwise for a half turn putting your arm over her head in a hair comb.Basic step Dame, Dile Que No, Enchufa Giro turn Havana video (Media Noche), (Salsa Lust) Farolero Izquierda left video (Media Noche), (Salsa Lust) Derecha Kentucky video (Media Noche), (Salsa Lust) Levántala lift her up Flor, Prima Centro con Dos Mambo mambo dance Tango Medio middle.The lead should have their right hand on the back of the follow and as both move continue to move around each other, and the lead pushes the follow toward the next lead.Pick up the next lead.Un tarro - - on 5,6,7, lead steps back, puts the follows right arm up and pulls themselves under going to next follow.At this point the follow should be on the left and in a hammer lock position.Sombrero con Patada - Like Sombero con mambo, starts with sombrero and the lead holds the follow on the right side.Everybody goes "huh" at the same time.Daj mi jedną!, polegająca na równoczesnej zmianie partnerów o jedną osobę.Once facing outward, continue to rotate to your left and back out under their arms.While keeping duitse fruitautomaten spelen the left hand as low as possible the right hand is used to wrap the follow behind the lead and then continue to unwrap.