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Small ball poker strategy cash game

small ball poker strategy cash game

Small ball advocates you play a wider range, and play it more, perhaps very aggressively.
When you bust, that's it, game over.
You fold too much, you call too little, etc.
Extracting bluffs in this environment is more difficult than average.Which is why playing a high frequency, high aggressive style will reap greater dividends in this case.From my experience, there are better ways to crush poker than using a small ball strategy in a cash game.Your value hands later will have thinner equity than what lottozahlen mittwoch uhrzeit ziehung is usually considered value for a TAG,.g sets, straights, flushes, etc.What you're likely to see is that big pot profitability bears a striking resemblance to your overall profitability.Without maths, that's about all of poker!Although it's useful to know who's scared of losing and who isn't at any table type, the result is definitive in a tournament.The short version, considering most game dynamics in cash games, I advocate playing slightly larger than small-ball, and don't overdo the aggression.Finding the balance between them is good poker.Small-ball, and conversely, big-ball strategies are about these frequencies.You might say that "By winning small pots, I'm setting them up for a big one later, right?".If you get in a pot for stacks, it's unusual without two big hands showing.That may sound arbitrary, but you'll soon know what I mean when your opponents won't let you play a small pot with any high frequency, and are constantly testing your weak bets and small raises with re-raises and all-ins when you inevitably have weak hands.Small-ball in my mind has its place, correctly, in tournament poker.We can flip that statement to this.Both of these statements concern your image, and using it deceptively.That's not a narrow subject.Either you're doing something too much, or not enough.
It's more useful against smarter opponents, but the poker community represents a bell curve of skill.
Yes, but it takes far greater personal involvement from the player, and frankly doesn't lead to vastly improved results.